What We Can Do For You

Our strategy is to design programs that will influence customers buying decisions. While this will give you an insight into some of our programs, we remain totally flexible to design any program to fit your marketing objectives.The following items are essential in creating a successful direct mail program. The key to a successful program is executing the right promotion and doing it well. We will work to help establish the criteria for each program:


What do you hope to accomplish? New store trial, improve under performing stores or departments, increase customer loyalty or improve community relations?


Our lists are developed to reflect the target audience of each program. The lists are generated from multiple sources, merged and reviewed to offer the most complete and timely data available.


The design of each piece is important to be of interest to the target audience. We can handle the entire design process or work with your creative department.


We will establish a map outlining the geographic area to be targeted, this will allow for a visual look at the target area and allow for any necessary adjustments.


Following closely behind the list and target is the offer to be made to entice consumer trial. We will work closely with your marketing or merchandising department to help establish offers to maximize your return on investment.

Examples of some of our Unique programs:

  • Birthday Pals
  • Restaurant Pals
  • New Resident
  • New Parent
  • New and Remodel Stores
  • Department Specific
  • Loyalty Fufillment
  • Club Programs
  • Postcards


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